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GoMint On the Road Again!

GoMint attend FIL Lisbon and NFT.London

It’s been a busy period for crypto and DLT enthusiasts! Our very own Jake Hall rode the wave out to Portugal and back to London to catch both events.

Filecoin’s two-day FIL Lisbon event, which began on October 31st, was a great space for developers, marketing experts, investors and community members to connect. Listening to developers and entrepreneurs talk about projects that they were working on as well as sharing insights on GoMint, the first tokenization service built on Hedera Hashgraph, was very rewarding.

Attendees were impressed to hear about Hashgraph’s advantageous features; particularly its low costs, fast consensus finality, carbon-negative footprint, and use of asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance - the highest-grade security possible.

Organisations came to network and learn about Filecoin’s exciting roadmap, whether or not they already utilised Filecoin’s technology, including features like the new Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). Its large data storage, in the petabyte range, particularly caught our attention.

GoMint uses Filecoin’s decentralised storage to host NFT metadata, and we will be increasing our capacity through the introduction of our new project designed specifically for the music industry: GoMusic. During the event, we were also offering a free 'koala bear' NFT for any attendee to claim via a QR code.

Following a couple of busy days in Lisbon and with a belly-full of great food (thanks again Filecoin!), Jake set back off to the UK. A quick turnaround was needed to catch the end of NFT. London. Fortunately, the weekend was sandwiched between NFT.London and Token2049’s London Crypto Week so some great community events were on the schedule.

A particular highlight for us was the coffee meet-up and crypto expert panel hosted by Nocturnal, a management network for artists. They are looking to capitalise on web 3.0 technology and their founder, Toby, did an awesome job at bringing together the technical and non-technical community members alike.

It really is events like these - community and enterprise led - which cement the future of this web 3.0 space, despite the overshadow of poorly managed projects and the current ‘bear-market’!

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