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  • Associate token [class] to an account
    By default, no account can receive any token unless the account owner has approved this. The account owner does this by signing a transaction that associates a token to their account. They can also reverse this (dissociate). This prevents Air drops and helps accounts holders in meeting any regulatory requirements.
  • Freeze & KYC [token class]
    Both of these features are optional and only apply if Freeze or KYC keys are assigned, respectively. An account which is frozen or does not have KYC (for the given token class) cannot send or receive tokens. Technically the functions are similar but are managed via separate keys, so for example KYC might be delegated to a 3rd party
  • What's a Token ID
    The token ID is the unique identifier for a token class. It uses the same format as any Hedera entity (account, file, topic, contract) eg 0.0.12345 (shard.realm.account)
  • What is a Token class vs instance
    The term "token" can be confusing as it has at least 2 possible meanings depending on the context: to "create" a new token means to create a new token class eg "Citi USD Stablecoin" backed 1:1 with USD held by Citi in a fiat bank account to "mint" a new token is like minting coins, eg an actual $1 that you can trade with. This is called a Token instance in IWA token taxonomy "A token instance is an owned token of a particular class. Depending on the platform how this notion is actually implemented will vary. Instances of a token that you may own, or have in your digital wallet, represent your account balance of that token class." Check this out:
  • Create a token [class]
    A token [class] comprises a number of attributes: Admin key if assigned, allows almost all attributes to be updated Name and symbol (each upto 100 chars) this might be used to reference externally stored meta-data Memo a short publicly visible memo about the token decimals how much can the token be divided (this can't be updated) Treasury account, holds the supply of token instances Supply key if assigned, allows treasury tokens to be minted or burned Initial supply (optional) how many token instances to mint initially KYC key if assigned, controls the KYC status of accounts Freeze key if assigned, controls the freeze status of accounts Default freeze status - if set to 'frozen' then accounts must be unfrozen before they can transaction with the token. Wipe key If assigned, can remove any number of token instances from any accounts. HIP-17 NFT (released September 2021) Token Type - Fungible Common (each instance is identical) or Non Fungible Unique (each instance is uniquely identified by a serial number) Note: a token can be "Fungible Common" but still have uniquely identifiable instances defined by a layer 2 solution, such as GoMint launch May 2021 Max Supply - maximum number of instances that can be minted Supply Type - fixed or infinite HIP-18 custom fees (released September 2021) Fee Schedule Key If assigned, allows the holder to update any custom fees assigned to the token Custom fees - rules or fixed, fractional, or royalty fees can optionally be attached and are applied automatically when a token is transferred Other - released September 2021 Pause key - similar to Freeze, except it applies to all token instances, wherever they are As for all Hedera entities, there is the cost of maintaining the token on the Hedera network. This is managed with 3 attributes: Expiration time - when the token will last until Renewal account - the account that will pay for renewal Renewal frequency - how often the renewal charge will be taken
  • Appendix
    Appendix Hedera documentation IWA token taxonomy Discord discussions Token class vs instance What is an NFT?
  • Update a token [class]
    If a token does not have an admin key then the token is immutable, both in terms of attributes and supply. Otherwise, apart from decimals, all attributes can be updated.
  • Transfer token [instances]
    Transfer tokens between accounts. This can be a simple transfer of one token, or a multi-token, multi-party atomic swap. eg Alice has 30 apples, Bob has 30 bananas, Carol has 30 carrots. They can agree to swap their tokens to end up with 10 each of each type of fruit or veg, all in one transaction. If any party does not sign then the whole agreement is voided.
  • Mint & Burn
    If the token class has a 'supply key' then new token instances can be minted into the treasury account, or removed (burnt)
  • Do you charge commissions to sell NFTs through the GoMint marketplace?
    We did not charge commissions whilst we were testing the platform during our early proof of concept period. However, we have now started to charge commissions on sales via our tokenisation application and primary marketplace. We also plan a secondary marketplace which will probably be free to list existing minted NFTs for sale, but will involve the payment of a commission on any sale. We publish our commission structure on our website and reserve the right to update this from time to time.
  • What are NFTs?
    NFT stands for 'non-fungible token' which is a unique token registered on a blockchain or DLT (decentralised ledger technology) like Hedera Hashgraph. Unlike cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, HBAR or ETH that are interchangeable, NFTs are not interchangeable with each other. NFTs are effectively certificates of ownership and authenticity which cannot be faked or duplicated. Whilst they are often linked to a specific digital asset or real world asset, they do not necessarily include any intellectual property rights unless this is specified.
  • How environmentally friendly is GoMint and the underlying Hedera DLT network?
    As Hedera does not use electricity-heavy 'proof of work' to achieve consensus, Hedera is vastly better for the environment than any blockchain, such as Ethereum. By way of example, the carbon footprint to create an NFT on Ethereum is around 48kg of CO2, and during the NFT's lifecycle (including sales and transfer transactions) this footprint can increase to 211kg of CO2, which is equivalent to an average individual's power consumption for two weeks, or driving for 500km, or a flight from London to Rome. The same NFT on Hedera would have a carbon footprint which is around 50,000 times less impactful. We are finding that artists and content creators are increasingly turning to solutions such as Hedera, and to GoMint specifically, due to environmental concerns related to blockchain platforms, and their wish to maintain their ecological credentials.
  • What about collectibles?   Are these also recorded as individual tokens?
    Yes. Each edition of a collectible series has a unique serial number registered on Hedera so that you can check which edition you own. Each one is an individual token.
  • How do I login to GoMint?
    You can use our marketplace without logging in but if so then we recommend you complete your purchase within that browser session. If you wish to login, then when you first access our gallery you will be asked to send 0.01HBAR to our account so that we can link your device and browser session to your Hedera account and you will be given a GoMint account of the same number. When you make purchases, these can be funded from your Hedera account (which would now be linked to that device and browser) or you can choose to pay with PayPal instead. If you login again using a different device or browser, you will currently need to re-link your Hedera account to your GoMint account. We are implementing more login features, such as email/password, as we develop our platform.
  • Whilst I wait to be approved, can I use your testnet?
    Yes sure. Please follow this link to our testnet. There is also a link on that page for you to provide any feedback.
  • Who can mint and sell NFTs on GoMint?
    Currently, our tokenization engine on Hedera mainnet is only available by invitation. To be considered, please email us from your official business or website email account including a link to your portfolio or your existing website. We will need to ensure that you have the right to tokenize the relevant assets, and agree terms with you, such as listing fees and commissions.
  • What type of assets can be recorded as an asset on GoMint?
    On GoMint, approved content creators can mint NFTs representing any digital asset - a digital artwork, photograph, video clip (including YouTube and TikTok videos). The only requirement is that you own (or have other rights to) the copyright and any other intellectual property rights in the asset, and you have not previously created or sold an NFT relating to that asset on any platform.
  • How do I transfer my Tokens to my own private wallet?
    Not all Hedera wallets currently support tokens minted on Hedera Token Service (HTS) - for example, we are aware that Ledger or other hardware wallets do not support HTS tokens. However, the most active wallets for tokens on Hedera are Hashpack, Flash, MyHbarWallet and Wallawallet. Don't forget! Once you have a wallet which supports HTS tokens, you must associate the tokens (that you wish to purchase or have purchased) using the 'associate token' function within your wallet.
  • I have a transaction issue that I don't think is covered in the above FAQs. Can you help me?
    As a first step, please log a help ticket by completing our Help Form - if you don't hear back from us with a resolution within 72 hours, then please feel free to follow up by email. Although the vast majority of purchases have been processed smoothly, there may be unexpected cases where a transaction fails. No worries! Everything is immutably logged on Hedera and we will always seek to resolve every issue as quickly as possible.
  • I don’t have a Hedera wallet yet. Can GoMint hold my tokens for me?
    We can hold your tokens temporarily in our escrow. This is where all tokens sit until they are associated to a Hedera account and transferred to that account through a supported wallet. We currently do not intend to provide a long term escrow service.
  • How can I contact the team for help or any other topic not covered in the FAQs?
    If you need technical help then please complete the help form and we will investigate and reply to you within 48 hours. If you need to discuss any other matters such as potential strategic partnerships, then please email us.
  • I love what you guys are building.  Can I invest in GoMint, the company?
    We are currently boot-strapping the company but may decide to sell equity to angel investors or venture capitalists as part of an early-stage funding round to support future development. If you are interested in this, then please email us from your official company email account and kindly provide some information about your investment strategy.
  • I bought GoMint tokens which are not showing as NFTs in my Hedera wallet, what can I do?
    When GoMint started, NFTs were not natively supported on Hedera. We provided a 2nd layer solution in order to attribute a serial number to each token so that each one was uniquely identifiable - effectively, a non-fungible token. As the Hedera network has evolved, so did the standards for the Hedera Token Service. Your old GoMint tokens might not show up under the NFT tab in certain wallets - but they are still there! However, if you would like to swap them for newer (HIP17) NFTs, you can click here and apply for a 'swap'.
  • Do you have a resale or secondary marketplace so I can sell some of my tokens?
    GoMint currently only provides functionality for the original content creator (or rights owner) to sell NFTs in the work. We are planning a secondary marketplace allowing NFT-owners to promote and sell their existing minted NFTs to other users. We will announce this in advance of launch.
  • Can I use GoMint to mint and sell NFTs relating to real world assets?
    Not currently. However, at a later stage in our roadmap, we do intend to add functionality to mint and sell NFTs for other asset classes, such as real estate, paintings, antiques, rare cars and commodities, so long as there is a way to ensure provenance and ownership. However, initially these are likely to be single unique tokens per asset as fractionalised NFTs can present additional challenges from a regulatory and securities law perspective. If you wish to discuss this further and register your details with us, please email Richard our CCO.
  • I don't have any HBAR or a Hedera account yet. Can I still buy NFTs from GoMint?
    Yes you don't need a Hedera account or HBARs to purchase NFTs from GoMint. You can browse the new GoMint 'marketplace' here and the old 'proof of concept' marketplace here to see NFTs available for sale. Then complete the purchase and checkout process using your PayPal account to pay. We will then hold the Tokens in temporary escrow for you until you open a Hedera account at which point you can link your GoMint account with your new Hedera account and transfer the tokens to your wallet. Please ensure you use a wallet that supports Hedera Token Service tokens though.
  • What does it cost to create and mint an NFT on GoMint?
    We are not currently charging minting fees; but instead are charging commissions on sales. However, if we decide to charge minting fees, as an alternative to or in combination with commissions, we will publish these on our website and reseve the right to update these from time to time. These fees include any costs of the underlying Hedera Hashgraph DLT network.
  • Does GoMint have its own token?   I heard you might be issuing a MINT token?
    Currently, GoMint does not have its own platform token. You can transact on GoMint using HBARs or through PayPal. However, we do plan to launch our own fungible utility token, tentatively called MINT, that would be earned through usage of our platform and could be used to receive various benefits, such as discounts and early access to new NFT drops. We will not directly offer to sell tokens to anyone so if you are contacted by an individual purporting to represent GoMint or any of the team, please report this to us immediately and do not respond. We will announce any token offering on our website and any interaction with the community will be through the website or our official Telegram channels.
  • How do I know if the NFT has been properly minted?
    Once you create the NFT, you will be able to click a link to see the NFT account minted on the Hedera Hashgraph platform via a third party explorer such as Kabuto or Dragonglass. We will also send you a link.
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