Tokenize the Future.

With GoMint, you can tokenize and monetize digital content.


Tokenize your digital content

Content creators can monetize their content by minting tokens associated to their digital files (videos, drawings, photos etc)

  • Create an immutable record
  • Store a hash on Hedera Hashgraph
  • Mint tokens to represent value

Build your community

Content creators can build their brand awareness and status within their community and allow their fans to invest in their success.


  • Promote your token to your fans
  • Set the terms using our standard contracts
  • Sell tokens to generate an income

Reward your fans *planned

Offer exclusive content, benefits, discounts on merchandise to token holders


  • Fans will be able to authenticate tokens
  • Anyone can buy or trade your tokens
  • Earn a share in revenue

Future Development

GoMint also plans to develop strategic partnerships with video hosting and content platforms.