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Tokenize the Future

A full-service tokenization platform
Solutions for
We offer powerful tools for minting, marketing, selling, and storing NFTs and fungible tokens.
Get up and running immediately on our testnet.
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Brands & Enterprises

Add authentication to your digital and physical products

Integrate NFT's with your eCommerce store and create a new revenue stream

Create your own branded NFT marketplace

Tokenize event tickets, memberships, loyalty programs

Use NFTs to create verified identity credentials

Run a decentralized and provably fair auction


Create your own NFT marketplace for supporters and benefactors

Integrate NFTs with your funding sources and create a new revenue stream

Tokenize charitable donations and event tickets

Run a decentralized and provably fair charity auction

Artists & Musicians
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Digital Artists

Musicians & Bands

YouTube & TikTok Videos

Tokenize and sell your digital art as either unique one-of-one pieces or limited editions

Sell limited edition collectables related to your music, such as lyric sheets, photos, video clips and unreleased music

Tokenize your YouTube & TikTok videos and invite your fans to support your work

Build your own brand, unique style, and engage with the community

Tokenize your fan club and reward your best fans with concert tickets, backstage passes and collectibles

No restrictions or thresholds so even the smallest channel can create a new revenue stream

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