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Client Testimonials

Digital Art

Digial Art

nftJesus is a visionary multidimensional manifestor, artist and explorer. Alvo, the artist behind nftJesus, was born in the Ukraine part of the old USSR in 1988 and grew up in Israel, traveling the world since 2008 and currently living in Berlin, Germany. 

Alvo started his NFT journey with the original nftJesus pixel-art series minted on Ethereum and offered for sale on OpenSea. He quickly realized that the high 'gas' fees to create and mint his work on Ethereum was adding an unnecessary cost burden to the overall project and he started searching for a more cost-effective solution, which brought him to Hedera and ultimately to GoMint, being the first and most active NFT marketplace on Hedera. 

Alvo creates each artwork using Photoshop with maximum attention to detail and full of love, rather than algorithmically, and has even been commissioned by the Hedera Hashgraph team to create bespoke pixel-artwork. 

Alvo commented: "I have found the whole experience with GoMint very smooth and the team very supportive and have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest my art has received from the Hedera community and beyond. As an added bonus, I can be sure that my NFTs are as environmentally friendly as possible. I would highly recommend other digital artists to take a look at GoMint as they build their marketplace and go from strength to strength."


Opus Orange 1.jpeg

Santa-Monica based indie-rock collective Opus Orange deftly traverses sonic and geographical landscapes. Led by composer and classically-trained musician, Paul Bessenbacher, the group creates a sound that is equal parts ecstatic, melancholic and anathematic. 

GoMint is delighted to support Opus Orange on its first steps into the NFT world through the tokenization of its latest track "All to Myself" as an unlimited downloadable MP3 as well as two limited-run MP4 mini-films. 

Upon the launch, Paul Bessenbacher commented, "It was our manager Paul Shultz who first raised the idea of releasing our music as NFTs. We are super happy to be working with GoMint to launch our NFTs on the greenest blockchain network, Hedera Hashgraph. We can't wait to start engaging with our fans, old and new, using this new technology!"

Opus Orange manager, Paul Shultz, explained the thinking behind his decision: "We love the power that NFTs can bring to the music industry in proving ownership and authenticity. It means Opus Orange can curate a highly engaged fan base and periodically reward them with early access to music, concert tickets or to limited edition collectibles. For example, as part of our launch with GoMint, we ran a prize draw for a limited-edition physical vinyl record of the band's previous LP." 

Paul Shultz added: "We look forward to a fruitful partnership with GoMint and would encourage other indie artists and bands to join us on this adventure."

Fan Club

Talk too Much.jpeg

Marin Rylee was a talented dancer and choreographer before launching her career as a singer/songwriter in January 2021. She is a LionEyes Records’ artist which is an independent record label committed to fighting for equality in every aspect of the music industry.


As a new singer/songwriter, Marin was keen to create a fan club to better connect with her supporters, many of whom know her from the dance community, particularly LA Dance Magic.

Starting from scratch, LionEyes Records recommended riding the wave of popularity of NFTs to create a fan club powered by blockchain technology. As such, the “MR VIP Club” was born, offering its members a digital library to store exclusive artwork, photos, music and videos as well as to sell and log ownership of exclusive merchandise not available elsewhere.


Marin commented: "I am inviting my fans to step into the future with digital collectibles such as signed artwork and exclusive photos.  NFT technology makes all of this possible. We really appreciate the guys at GoMint for their support in launching this!"



AEON is the first completely NFT-based virtual world built on Hedera Hashgraph. 

When AEON needed to fund the development of its virtual world, it turned to GoMint to help promote it by offering digital art and in-game assets for sale as NFTs. 

As the first and most active marketplace built on Hedera, GoMint was able to quickly offer ready access to the Hedera community and the trustless environment AEON needed to sell its tokens. 

Charles Markette, founder of AEON said:

"Whilst we build out the AEON metaverse, we rely on the support of strong partners such as GoMint. We plan to offer ranges of other NFTs in the future, and to offer our clients the opportunity to trade them on GoMint's secondary marketplace."



Bees for Development is an international charity working to alleviate poverty through beekeeping. Beekeeping contributes to supporting sustainable livelihoods in poor and remote communities. Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall is the President of Bees for Development. 

The GoMint team was honored to be approached by Bees for Development early after the launch of GoMint to enquire about creating limited edition NFTs of an original drawing of a honey bee by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Mr Johnson had created the honeybee artwork to help the charity raise funds and as an early supporter, GoMint agreed to waive its fees so that all proceeds generated from the sale would be donated to the charity. 

GoMint is ready to support charities in navigating blockchain technology so as to activate innovative revenue streams, especially with people in younger demographic groups who might not have previously made charitable donations. 

Dr Nicola Bradbeer, Founder & Director of Bees for Development said: "We are thrilled to be able to offer the NFT art right now whilst there is huge interest in digital art ownership. Funds raised will enable people to build sustainable livelihoods, feeding their families while supporting biodiversity too."

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