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Token Swaps

GoMint tokens were developed in May 2021 in the early days of the Hedera Token Service but before the native NFT functionality was launched by Hedera in November 2021 through the HIP17 improvement proposal.   Given the excitement around NFTs on other DLTs at that time, we developed our own NFT solution, by creating either one-of-one unique tokens or limited-edition series of tokens – in each case therefore effectively non-fungible. These 'OG' GoMint tokens were supported by wallets at that time, such as Xact mobile wallet.  However, as more wallets have been developed, such as Hashpack, these have focused on the newer technology so GoMint tokens are treated as assets in their wallets rather than as Hedera 'HIP17' NFTs. However, the good news is that we have developed a swap feature to allow GoMint tokens (let's call them nFTs with a small 'n') to be swapped for tokens using the new HIP17 technology (NFTs with a capital 'N').   We are currently rolling this option out on a ‘creator by creator’ basis.  To be kept up to date, please follow our Twitter. We are committed to ensuring that those customers who wish to swap, are able to do so.   We anticipate that some will prefer to keep the ‘OG’ original tokens; but remember, once you swap you can't go back.   A real-world analogy would be choosing to keep the vinyl record vs exchanging it for a CD of the same track. The creators/collections that are live now for swapping are set out below.  We will update this page once the swap process is live for another creator/collection.   You can also check our updates on Twitter.

Swap process.

  • Send your nFT back to the relevant GoMint treasury account using any HTS compatible wallet

  • Associate the token ID for the new NFT to your account

  • You will automatically receive the new NFT in your wallet

  • Refresh this page to confirm receipt of your NFT

  • Important: send the nFT from the same account that you wish to receive your NFT in return

  • In swapping your token you agree to the terms (see section 4A)

Not sure yet?   Try our swap demo.

Not sure whether to swap a GoMint OG token for a HIP17 NFT?   

You can try out the process on a free demo token and see if it's for you!

1. visit GoMint Airdrop

2. enter your Hedera account

3. collect your demo OG token

4. visit GoMint Swap

For more detailed instructions, you can check out this page and this Youtube explainer video

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