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Movember  x  GoMint

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Movember is here – so join us for the hairiest month of the year as we raise funds for men’s health. GoMint is raising money for Movember to power groundbreaking men’s health projects in mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. During November, we are not charging any commissions and instead 10% of all sales is being donated to Movember. However, we've gone further and linked up with two of our 'OG' NFT creators to donate 100% of revenues from their NFT sales to Movember... NYXA, the creator of the original Crypto Gremlins, has donated the remainder of his collection of Halloween Gremlins. Click on the Scream Gremlin below to access these directly. And Berkay, the creator of the original Hedera Robot NFT series, has created an exclusive collection of 'MOBOT NF-Taches' in support of Movember. There are 10 MOBOTs in the collection with only 25 editions per MOBOT. Each MOBOT is fixed at US$30. For those who have a Hedera wallet, you can buy one by clicking on the MOBOT image below. However, for those who don't yet have a Hedera wallet but still want to participate, you can reserve one of these MOBOTs by paying on this page with PayPal. We will then hold it in our escrow account and transfer it to you when you are ready with your wallet. Visit for information about Movember.

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PayPal Buying Process

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  • Note that the PayPal option only applies to MOBOTs, not the Gremlins

  • Send the 30US$ payment via the above PayPal link  

  • Note that PayPal will charge transaction fees so the charity will receive the net sum - to avoid this, we recommend you buy directly with USDC from your Hashpack wallet

  • Keep a record of the PayPal transaction ID for future reference

  • We will randomly select a MOBOT NF-Tache for you and store it in our escrow account linked to your PayPal email address 

  • When you are ready to have the NFT transferred to a Hedera compatible wallet, you will be able to login to GoMint using your PayPal email address and transfer it out of escrow.

  • By transacting with GoMint you are agreeing to our terms

  • IMPORTANT: Due to the immediate nature of Web3 wallet purchases, this may affect stock availability for Web2 PayPal sales.  If your purchase fails for any reason, e.g. stock availability, then we will refund in full.

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